The Lady Victoria Mango

The Lady Victoria Mango:  A quest for perfection

The luscious, golden-centered mango is the most consumed tree fruit in the world. So, why not grow the absolute best mango in the world? That was the question Panama-based Simply Natural Farms addressed when they created their unique, world-class cultivar, the Lady Victoria. 


The “fruit” of 20 years of research and development, the Lady Victoria’s Alphonso pulp is considered to have the best texture, richness, and flavor – one of the most sought-after mango pulps in the world. The Alphonso pulp is one of the most expensive mango pulps often called the “King of Mangos” because the fruit is particularly creamy making Lady Victoria the Queen of Tropical Fruit! Grown west of Panama City in Coclé Province, the Lady Victoria mangos differ from other varieties in their yellow color, which stands out from the green and reddish tones that many consumers are used to. 


“Unlike the Keitt and Kent, which have a fibrous pulp, the Lady Victoria is fiber free,” explains Simply Natural President Andrew Winstead. “It also has a slightly higher Brix level and has a similar size and shape, although it is slightly oblong and elongated.” However, its main feature is its aroma. “This is an extremely aromatic mango, a quality that is rarely taken into account, but which is perceived in the supermarket or at home, as it fills the room with a unique and exquisite aroma.” 


The nation of Panama imports roughly 80% of its produce so much of the Lady Victoria crop is sold domestically through major grocery chains and the Panama City central market. Retailers appreciate that the Lady Victoria Mango has an 85% fruit to seed and rind ratio and has a considerable shelf life of a week after it is ripe, making it readily exportable.  Imagine a cross between peach, nectarine, apricot and Melon with notes of Honey and Citrus… that’s the Lady Victoria. 


From a production perspective, the Lady Victoria has a higher yield per tree and a stronger resistance to pests, fungus and bacteria infestation for all tropical climates. Success of the Lady Victoria has been proven over the last two decades of research and development and is a superior product. It was organically developed to have strong bio-insecticide qualities while promoting a thriving permaculture; Simply Natural chooses to be better stewards of the earth’s resources, and the earth is paying dividends. Using techniques that build rich top soil, attract beneficial insects, efficient use of water and fertilizer, Permaculture increases both farming productivity and agriculture land values. 


“On the processing side we have quick freezing (IQF); we also produce pulps and purees and dehydrated mangos,” states Winstead. “One of our biggest customers is the United States through juice companies; a growing trend on a global scale,” Winstead added. 


The Lady Victoria scions are grafted to Panama-hearty root stock in the largest organic greenhouse in Central America using SupPlant irrigation technology. The saplings are planted in the field when they are 15-18 months old and continue to be supported by SupPlant’s state-of-the-art irrigation system that uses artificial intelligence driven by an array of sensors and millions of data points to provide both water and nutrition on demand. 


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