Dragon Fruit: SNRE’s Latest Offering

Simply Natural Farms is well known for its innovative, state-of-the-art, technology-driven farming solutions.  Simply Natural Real Estate specializes in offering participation in these profitable agricultural opportunities by owning your very own, fully managed fruit tree farm or greenhouse and now, Dragon Fruit plantation.  

Owning a Simply Natural tropical fruit farm offers an incredible opportunity to partner with a world-leading farm development and management firm to not only engage in eco-friendly farming but also diversify your holdings in an increasingly attractive alternative asset class… agriculture.  Simply Naturals latest offering is the Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya.  

The reasons for owning productive, fully managed farmland are legion, so let’s focus instead on the Dragon Fruit offering and why it may be the perfect addition to your farm land portfolio. 

Why Dragon Fruit?

Becoming a farmer requires making a lot of decisions in areas where you may not have the expertise.  What crop do you grow?  How will it be marketed?  What are the agronomic challenges to raising crop X?  Do you have the infrastructure including arable land and plenty of water to grow it? 

The Simply Natural family has you covered.  By purchasing land managed by AgVisors and harvested by Simply Natural Harvest, you remove a lot of the questions that face the typical farmer.  You’re probably already familiar with our cutting-edge SupPlant irrigation systems and our proximity to high quality water resources.  In addition, AgVisors hires experienced farmers trained in modern technical farming who have the expertise to produce only the best products.  This in-house expertise and constant training have placed Simply Natural at the forefront of modern farming. 

However, you still need to decide what crop will give you a great return on your purchase.  Dragon Fruit is the unusual looking but beautiful fruit of a cactus plant that originates, not surprisingly, in Mexico and Central America.  The market for this highly nutritious fruit has been primarily in Asia, but has grown by leaps and bounds in Europe and North America.  In other words, you’ll be buying into a market on the verge of exploding and you’ll be poised to handsomely profit from that event.  

This antioxidant beauty is making its way around the world, creating an awesome opportunity as demand is exceeding supply nearly 10-to-1 in the US, China & EuropeDragon Fruit is eaten fresh as well as being used as a flavoring in everything from tea to vodka to toothpaste.  It is categorized as a high-value crop.  

Now that we’ve narrowed-down your crop options, you’re still left with a few questions.  Among those are what’s going to be the return on my dollar?  Is it difficult to get to market?  Who will buy it? 

Again, Simply Natural has the answers to all of those questions and more when it comes to Dragon Fruit.  

We’re going to work backwards on some of those questions because one of the most important aspects of this offering is that we are growing Dragon Fruit at the request of an existing client.  What this means in practical terms is that all of the Dragon Fruit grown on your land will already have two buyers; the first is Simply Natural Harvest but even they have much of the crop pre-sold 

This builds on Simply Naturals existing practice of selling primarily to retailers rather than wholesalers because we get a better price for our produce when going directly to the source of sale rather than hoping for a good price on the wholesale market. 

If you follow agricultural trends and marketing systems, you know that this is huge.  You don’t have to hope for a price or hope that you can sell what we have grown for you because we already have a buyer and price framework built into the process. 

So, just how big is this project?

Well, we’re looking at an initial build out of 100 hectares of Dragon Fruit being grown on our Panama plantation.  With a very attractive 30-year IRR (projected to be between 14.4% and 19.7% annually) you can anticipate receiving your first payment within 36 months of participation. 

An average annual yield from your hectare is estimated to be between 8, 250 and 10,600 kilograms (roughly 18,000 to 23,000 pounds).  And, of course, Simply Natural Harvest takes care of the annual harvest and packaging of your fruit for our buyers. 

The price for your one hectare (2.47 acres) of Dragon Fruit is $45,500 inclusive of the development of the land, titling costs, installation of the irrigation system, propagation of the young plants in our greenhouses, planting in the field and ongoing care.   

The core objective of Simply Natural is to contribute in revolutionizing modern food production, smart farming and making the opportunity of owning these fruit tree farms available to individuals and institutions alike.  Growing Dragon Fruit fits in perfectly with our overall objectives and should be a part of your agricultural portfolio. 

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