What GameStop and Buying Farmland Have in Common

Regardless of what you may think about the recent antics involving GameStop stock, you may have noticed that folks who buy productive agricultural land and the (largely) millennial stock speculators have several traits in common. 

First, if you can believe the accounts in the popular media, GameStop investors were upset over what they perceived as large hedge funds trying to manipulate the price of GameStop and other stocks to the benefit of their millionaire investors while ignoring the small investors and the people whose livelihoods depend on GameStop surviving 

They felt the “fix” was in and wanted to show the big boys” that they couldn’t control the market if the “little guys” got in the game. 

The reasons for the backlash are certainly open to debate, but the basic idea is similar to why many invest in small agricultural opportunities – they’re tired of being told they can’t swim in the same ocean with billionaires and corporate and institutional investors.   

Why, they ask, do I have to be an accredited investor to use my own hard-earned money to buy farmland?  Why should only the wealthy be qualified to earn the best returns?  How is that fair? 

The answer, of course, is that it isn’t fair and that’s one of the drivers behind Simply Natural’s offerings; they are available and affordable for everyone.  You want to put your money into one of the fastest-growing and most profitable asset classes; we have options for you. 

Second, the GameStop small investors have a basic distrust of Wall Street; at least the typical financial advice that ignores true financial diversity in favor of transactions that only seem to make big bucks for the traders and mega-banks.  

If you’ve already expanded your portfolio to include managed farmland, wasn’t that one of your motivations?  Buy and hold, let the mutual fund managers take care of you and “we’re the experts” gets pretty old when you’re not seeing significant progress, so you took matters into your own hands.  You get it.  No one can look out for your money like you can, so you put your money beyond the reach of Wall Street. 

The third similarity is that the whole concept of disruption is kind of appealing in a mischievous sort of wayThe rich keep getting richer and the poor and middle class don’t seem to be making any progress but still need to plan for their retirement.  Most average folks don’t mind people getting rich (shoot, they wouldn’t mind being rich, too), they just want to have the same opportunities.  The idea of shaking things up a bit is attractive. 

Simply Natural Real Estate is here to help.  We get it, too.  You want a piece of the pie and we’re here to serve it up. 

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