Israel/Jerusalem: 2 hectares of Unique Agricultural Land Development Opportunity available

Not only a land, but an opportunity to combine real estate and organic agriculture thanks to our partners. 2 hectares undeveloped land are for sale in the district of Jerusalem, Israel. Buy raw land and have developed for organic agricultural purposes.


The property is listed in the tax registry but not yet listed in the lands registry and thus, the price is extremely low.

The property size is 2 hectares/20 000 mt2 or 4.94 acres

Property Address

City: Jerusalem

Country: Israel

Property Details

Property ID: Jerusalem-2

Property Type: Agricultural Land for Sale

Land Purchase : $40 000

Farm Management fee: $45 000*

Total Price: $ 85 000

Property size: 2 hectares

Property features

Close to Gush Etzion tunnel road


*farm management fees will apply approximately $22.500 per hectare for 3.5 years of development and management